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Why we decided to make coats & sweaters 

We breed Italian Greyhounds. We love them very much and want the best for them. 

When it comes to the winter clothes for iggies - it is always difficult to find appropriate coats to sutisfy our high requirements. By our requirements coat should be warm, light, comfortable, and at the same time do not limit the movement of the dog and look beautiful. We couldn't find appropricte coats and decided to create them ourselves. 

It took us a lot of efforts to create design that allows dogs to run free and dont feel any discomfort.  

There are two types of coats:

Our sweaters are knitted of premiun quality wool blend yarns that are soft and warm. Stylish cosy sweaters with hand-knitted patterns and fashionable colours will make your Italian Greyhound or Whippet feel and look like a star. 

Our coats are made of wellsoft fabric. Wellsoft is very soft and flexible material that gives a comfortable feeling of pleasant warmth. Its weight in grams is 320 g/m2 which gives the product made from this material lightness without loosing its excellent qualities. Coats are made of double layer of wellsoft, so that if top layer becomes wet in the rainy weather, the bottom layer is always dry and keeps warmth. 

Speciality of our coats and sweaters is that they have special form on back that cover curvy topline and croup of the sighthounds, and special form on the belly for males and females. Females coats and sweaters are more covered on the belly and hips. 

By choosing our coats and sweaters you can be sure to get a warm, light, elegant and pleasant piece of work that was made with love!

Our dog coats & sweaters
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Knitted&nbsp;sweaters&nbsp;for dogs</span>
Knitted sweaters for dogs
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Warm winter coats for dogs&nbsp;</span>
Warm winter coats for dogs